Why Plan Sponsors Cannot Afford to Lose Sight

Don't Lose Sight banner across someone's eyes

Look out for the latest news in vision care in the June 2021 issue of Benefits and Pension Monitor, “Why Plan Sponsors Cannot Afford to Lose Sight”. Ibrahim Daibes (Director of Policy and Research, Canadian Association of Optometrists) and Denise Balch (President, Connex Health) discuss how the CAO’s ‘Don’t Lose Sight’ campaign to modernize group vision care coverage is gaining traction in private payer circles at just the right time. The aim of the campaign is to ensure that vision care benefit plan coverage provides best value, reflects allowances for the significant clinical advancements in vision care over the last 30 years, and to mitigate the human cost and the financial and productivity costs of vision loss.

About 75% of vision loss is preventable or treatable if diagnosed early, so says a spring 2021 Deloitte study commissioned by Fighting Blindness Canada.

The study also found that around 1.2 million Canadians (3.2%) live with vision loss, representing an economic impact of $15.6 billion annually. Read more in CAO’s recent article on the report.

CAO is ready to demonstrate the medium- and long-term savings and has embarked on a pilot study to demonstrate the significant health and fiscal value to be gained through modernizing vision care benefit plans and is engaging insurers to move the ‘Don’t Lose Sight’ campaign forward.

For more details on new best practices in vision benefits and the pilot study, look for the June issue of Benefits Monitor.

New! CAO’s lunchtime webinar – Keeping An Eye on Fraud on July 6, 2021 with Dr. Aaron Patel, brought to you by the Canadian Association of Optometrists in association with Connex Health and BPHA at Lunch.

Plus download your copy of the Best Practices Guide and contact Ibrahim Daibes, Director Policy and Research at the CAO at info@dontlosesight.ca for a one-on-one discussion on how to ensure benefit plans provide best value vision care to plan members.