Gain a practical working knowledge of the benefits field with this comprehensive program in 10 sessions, with 34 modules, delivered by industry experts.

The BPHA (Benefits and Private Healthcare Associate) program is pre-recorded for online viewing and accredited for those who are life licensed, including 10 sessions and 35 credits. The program covers the industry landscape, benefits basics including underwriting, funding, pooling, plan design and trends. Plus we venture into issues surrounding fraud, the law, communications, the world of pharmaceuticals, reimbursement issues, innovative plan design, digital health, and more. Designed for busy benefit advisors, HR professionals and others working in private benefits and healthcare, the program is updated annually to deliver current insights, and is offered online at your own pace.

At just $1,000 plus tax for the full BPHA program, it is comprehensive, accessible and affordable for any advisor, benefits professional, or those with an interest in benefits. Your annual membership includes access to any updated content and all BPHA at Lunch sessions for additional CE credits, as well as our exclusive members-only resource library and Ask the Expert forum. At the end of one year, we will notify you to renew your membership to ensure you remain current.

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This program, designed by an advisory board of seasoned professionals, is unlike any other benefits education program in Canada today. Not only will you develop a practical working knowledge of group benefits, you will learn about the challenges, complexities and trends in our industry.

Join the growing list of benefits and private healthcare professionals earning their BPHA.

Denise Balch, Principal Consultant, Crosslinks and President, Connex Health

Thank you to our program innovation sponsor Amgen.

BPHA Advisory Board Members
Alison Adams, BA, B.Sc., MBA, LLQP, Beneva
Denise Balch, LLQP, EC-CEP, BPHA, Crosslinks and Connex Health (Chair)
Drew Pullman, BA, Crosslinks
Joanna Gomes, B.Sc., CEBS, Bimbo Canada
Chris Lee, BA, Gallagher
Kathy Sotirakos, BA, Amgen Canada
Beth Stefaniuk, CEBS, BPHA, Jones DesLauriers Blevins
Connie Wong, B.Sc. Pharm., M.Sc. HCA, R.Ph., Intuitive Surgical

Session Overview

Each session contains multiple modules. Pass each module quiz to receive 1 CE credit per hour of video content towards the 35 required for your BPHA designation in Canadian benefits and private healthcare. Join the growing group of benefits professionals with this designation by completing all 10 sessions.

1. The Benefits Landscape

Modules in this session present an overview of the industry landscape and relevant stakeholders, including a segment covering the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical reimbursement landscape. At the end of this session you will have a baseline knowledge of the employee benefits sector.

2. Health and Dental Plans

Presenters in this session deliver content on many of today’s current benefit plan issues, funding and underwriting arrangements, pooling arrangements, and flexible benefits. At the end of this session you will have a sound understanding of the trends, funding and risk arrangements in employee benefits.

3. Renewals and Marketing

You will learn about renewal analysis and forecasting, marketing specifications and how to analyze proposals, including plan design, and how to present results to clients. At the end of this session you will have a good understanding of the renewal process, how to market a plan and how to review and present a renewal.

4. Communications, Administration, The Law and Fraud

You will receive insights on the important role of communications in plan design, efficient and accurate plan administration, the role of third-party administrators, the legal responsibilities of benefits and human resource management, fraud and fraud prevention. At the end of this session you will have a good understanding of effective communication strategies, administration priorities, legal obligations and how to prevent and manage fraud.

5. Pooled, Voluntary, Short- and Long-Term Disability

Presenter will explore pooled benefits including mandatory and voluntary group life, accidental death and dismemberment, critical illness, emergency travel and individual benefits that can be offered to group plan members. At the end of this session you will have a better understanding of the role of pooled and voluntary benefits and the advantages to plan members when they have access to supplementary coverage at affordable group prices.

6. The Drug Reimbursement Process and Data Analytics

You will learn about drug benefits and data analytics, as well as mechanisms and additional services to manage specialty medicines, including prior authorization, product listing agreements and patient access to specialty medications, including specialty pharmacy. At the end of this session you will understand the challenges in managing drug plans, the expanding role of specialty pharmacy and how data analytics can be used to provide insights into drug plan management.

7. Government Health Benefits and Public-Private Sustainability

Modules in this session dig deeper into the broad sweep of government benefits available across the country, the Quebec drug benefits environment, and affordability in the public and private sector world of prescription drugs, including the developing discussion on pharmacare.

8. Prevention, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Pharmacy

You will learn about the important role of prevention and wellness (wellbeing) as well as chronic disease management in managing plan member health and employee benefit plan design and budgets. We will address the expanding role of pharmacists in delivering chronic disease management to plan members. We will also address drug plan formularies, formulary management and how electronic claims adjudication through pharmacy benefit managers has changed the way drug benefits are managed and reimbursed. At the end of this session you will understand the key steps to plan member wellbeing, including starting an effective and measurable wellness program, the role of pharmacy and pharmacy benefits managers, and the importance of exploring the expanding number of tools and providers to achieve member health goals.

9. Government Disability Benefits and Disability Management

Our presenter will address the philosophy of absence and disability management, the process of an absence through to becoming a disability, claim initiation, the importance of early and ongoing communication and timely access to medical care, best practice management from an insurer and external consultant perspective, return to work and record keeping. Government benefits; occupational and non-occupational disabilities, and some of the challenges that are presented under a dual system. You will take away some of the most important aspects of absence and disability management that will allow you to respond appropriately when you and/or your clients or your plan members are faced with an absence.

10. Innovations and New Horizons in Benefits

This is a glimpse into the pressures in our environment that may fundamentally change our industry and benefits innovation. Modules in this session address plan trends that are emerging in the marketplace for small, medium and large groups, the disruptors to the employee benefits landscape that are pushing towards fundamental changes that will affect all stakeholders, and the trends and impact of technology. At the end of this session you will understand the larger market forces that are promising to change the benefits landscape for all stakeholders involved.

Program Features

A-Z Fundamentals

A complete guide to the benefits industry including all relevant practices, issues and stakeholders.

Earn CE Credits

Those who are life licensed will earn 35 continuing education credits (in most provinces) for the full program.

Audiovisual Presentations

Listen to each module and watch presentations play through in real time.

Comprehensive Resources

Gain full access to presentation slides and tip sheets created by our expert presenters. Plus bonus materials.

Regular Content Reviews

Sessions are updated regularly to reflect the latest industry trends and developments.

BPHA Membership

Maintain your practical working knowledge of the benefits field with a BPHA membership. Up to 10 modules (out of the 34 modules in the full program) are updated every year to ensure the content and industry experts remain relevant. Click here for a synopsis of the full program.

We know how busy benefits professionals are and how quickly the landscape is changing. The BPHA membership ensures that you stay up to date with the evolving environment while helping you meet your CE requirements every year.

At just $250 plus tax (per year) the BPHA membership is an accessible and affordable ongoing education program for any advisor, benefits professional, or those with an interest in benefits who want to provide the best service to their clients guided by the latest trends in policy, insurance practices, and scientific innovation. Your membership includes access to all updated content through our BPHA at Lunch sessions for additional CE credits, as well as our exclusive members-only resource library and Ask the Expert forum.