Join our discussion with Dr. Jia Hu, co-founder of 19 To Zero, physician and expert in public health, behaviour science and behaviour change and Pavithra Ravinatarajan, pharmacist and product director with Manulife Financial.

Dr. Jia Hu has been working tirelessly with public health agencies since the pandemic. He will share insights into how learnings from the pandemic behaviour change strategy can apply in the private sector. Plus he will speak to the impact the pandemic has had in routine screening and other health indicators. He will also review the gaps in public vaccine coverage, the health risks associated with low immunization rates, and how benefit plans can fill those gaps to reduce the impact of presenteeism, absenteeism and disability from preventable diseases.

Pavithra Ravinatarajan will speak to the importance of plan sponsors defining their health benefit goals and understanding their employee/member base. She will also touch on shingles as one example where there is a coverage gap in between public/private coverage in some group plans, who is most vulnerable to shingles and how they can be impacted. Pavithra will also discuss what to consider when deciding whether to incorporate vaccine coverage into benefit plans.

During our Q&A you will have the chance to engage Dr. Hu and Pavithra Ravinatarajan in discussions about behaviour change and vaccines.

CE credits

If you are located anywhere in Canada except Alberta, you will receive 1.5 CE Credits when you participate in this session.


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