At our October 13th, 2022 webinar we will be examining the current funding model and risk arrangements for drugs for rare diseases. Plus we will explore potential funding and risk models that could be feasible for the creation of a sustainable solution that is equitable for Canadians. Our patient expert will discuss the patient experience and the rapid development of treatments for rare diseases that has resulted in the current crisis in funding and therefore access. Our medical expert will speak to the developments in therapy and the ongoing challenges of treating rare diseases.

Introductions and Polling
Denise Balch, President, Connex Health

Assessing the Potential for a Comprehensive Drug Insurance/Pooling Model for Private Payers
Tim Clarke, President, tc Health Consulting Inc.

SMA in Adults: The Need for Care in the Age of Disease-Modifying Therapy
Dr. Aaron Izenberg, Neurologist, Sunnybrook Hospital

Patient Perspectives: Unmet Needs, New Science and New Challenges/Opportunities
John Adams, Chair, Best Medicines Coalition and Co-Founder, Canadian PKU and Allied Disorders

A panel discussion will follow presentations that will be moderated by Denise Balch.

CE Credits

2.0 CE Credits available in most provinces when you participate in this session.


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