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At this session Joel Smith, Lawyer with Williams HR Law and Dr. Arif Bhimji with arc Health Management will provide insights into how COVID-19 continues to impact the legal and HR policy, occupational health, return to work and vaccination policies in Canadian workplaces. We will welcome plan sponsors to the discussion and explore how they are developing new policies and practices to respond to the workplace accommodation, return to work and vaccination environment.

Joel Smith, Partner with Williams HR Law
With an expertise in the management side of labour, employment and human rights law, Joel presents to employers and human resource professional groups regularly. At this session Joel will provide us with insights into the impact of COVID-19 on employers and HR practices, providing information on recent legal developments that employers and benefits providers need to be aware of as they develop new workplace HR and benefits practices to meet the health and safety needs of their employees.

Dr. Arif Bhimji, Medical Director with arc Health Management
Dr. Bhimji has a long career as an occupational physician and an expert in all aspects of disability management, including time with Magna International. At arc Health management he works closely with the team to provide the best health management solutions for their clients. Dr. Bhimji will speak to the challenges employers have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and how health and wellness, accommodation, and return to work have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Denise Balch, President, Connex Health
Denise has a one-on-one discussion with Elizabeth Desjardins, Senior Advisor, Innovative Recruitment and Assessment, with Innovation, Science, Economic Development Canada (Industry Canada), sharing the federal government’s response to returning employees to the workplace, including accommodations, vaccine policy and supporting their mental health. Denise will also speak with Doug Kube, President of Kube Environment, Health, Safety & Risk on private sector employers’ perspective, including accommodations, vaccine policy and supporting their mental health. Join us to learn first hand about the priorities and of both public and private workforces.

Panel Discussion
Join our panel after our one-on-ones to participate in our discussion.

Now a regular feature, we will be asking you to participate through several polling questions so that we can discuss the issues you, your families and clients are facing.