Resilience is key to long term success in life, the ability to adapt and stay current, ready for the next curve ball, or in my case, the next buck life has to offer.

Employee benefits is no different. Join me, Denise Balch, and Tim Clarke, President, tc Health Consulting for his review of several recent industry reports when he will provide the key findings and takeaways at this session. Several industry leaders will share their observations on how the group benefit environment and group plans are likely to adapt as we move into the COVID endemic. With multiple health, HR and corporate pressures, the benefit environment will need to adapt.

Join the discussion with our panel and get the latest thought leadership on what issues we must be prepared to address in the next few years.

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Making Plan More Resilient: A Review of Industry Forecast Reports 
Tim Clarke, President, tc Health Consulting

Perspectives on Plan Resiliency
Mary-Lou MacDonald, National Practice Lead, Health and Performance, Hub International
Laura Pratt, National Director, Wellbeing, Canada Life
Karen O’Connell, Director, Governance and Plan Management, Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA)

Panel Discussion
Moderated by Denise Balch, President, Connex Health