Benefits Breakfast Club Season Review 2021-22

Online learning

Were you at the August 18th, 2022 Moving Benefits Forward session? Whether you were or not, you will find this summary of the topics addressed and the breakout group discussions with advisors and insurers an interesting insight into some of the most important issues in group benefit plans today.

To start off the webinar, Denise Balch from Connex Health provided a review of some of the key topics addressed in the 2021-22 season that are impacting group benefit plans, plan sponsors and plan members, and were supported in breakout group discussions on August 18th. This included:

  • Opportunities to improve access to data and improved data analytics, including integrating data across benefit lines, and push communications to plan members and their dependents based on risks and claim patterns.
  • The need for new solutions in the changing risk landscape for specialty drugs, including new, affordable, and sustainable pooling models, particularly for small groups
  • Create a better understanding of chronic disease trends, prevention, co-morbidities, and educational needs to develop and adopt new solutions in chronic disease management
  • Using improved data analytics to better understand drug trends, address lags in provincial listing for specialty drugs, particularly for oncology products, and gaps in drug access in private and public coverage on a collaborative basis.

Breakout attendees gave a clear call to action for insurers to develop and deliver new solutions to plan sponsors and advisors. Plan advisors and plan sponsors also have an opportunity to be persistent in calling for new solutions to meet their evolving needs and the needs of plan members. Responding to the calls to action in the August 18th session could provide the most innovative insurers with a strong competitive advantage.

You can find more on the issues raised at this webinar including results of breakout discussions, and evaluation results in the PDF below [i] and you can also review a PDF of the presentation which summarized key take aways from webinars during the 2020-21 season.

Thank you once again to our breakout moderators, scribes, and all attendees at this session. Also, thank you all to our season sponsors. We look forward to seeing you back in person (or via the webinar option) on November 24th in Oakville, Ontario. You can find out more and register here.

[i] As part of its commitment to accessibility standards, Connex Health is moving all PDF documents that are publicly available to an accessible format. We challenge all organizations to comply with the new standards contained in the Accessible Canada Act. You can find out more about accessibility at the Government of Canada’s website on accessibility.